Exciting times ahead (and the future of Road to Zest)

As I published my blog post 3 weeks ago, Dermot and I knew some of you would understand what I was referring to when I said that the path to reaching one of our long-term goals will be slightly different from the way we initially thought it would be but that we’re so excited that we are eventually going to get there.

We’re still not quite ready to write about it directly but hopefully if all goes well, really exciting times lie ahead.

But the main reason I’m saying this is because after much thought, yesterday morning I decided that I would be changing my commitment to Road to Zest.

Ever since I started blogging in May last year, I have published a post once a week every single week.

And I love the journey this blog has taken me on.

But now things are a little bit different.

Although there’s still some time to go before all falls into place (please God), there’s a lot going on right now.

We have a lot to prepare and we’re also on what we like to call an emotional rollercoaster.

So with everything that’s going on, while I still love writing and blogging, right now having a weekly commitment to the blog has become a bit too much for me.

And I really believe that it’s important to move on from something when it no longer feels completely right.

So yesterday morning I decided that rather than continuing to publish a blog post every single Sunday, I will post as and when the time feels right.

Down the line, I hope to post some things about what we’re going through right now too, because as excited as we are, there have also been (and of course I have no doubt there will continue to be) some difficult moments in our journey.

So I’d love to eventually be able to show people on similar journeys that they’re not alone.

And of course anyone remains welcome to contact me about recovery from mysterious chronic illnesses and DNRS or anything else through the blog.

After all without DNRS and with the way things were going in terms of my health a couple of years ago, there would have been no way Dermot and I could ever even have been on the journey we’re on now.

So I’m extremely grateful and excited to be at this point in our lives.

And thank you to all of you who have joined me (and us) on our road to zest so far.

The journey is of course ongoing, just as this blog will be, even if I’m no longer posting as often.

And to anyone facing difficult times right now, know that as always I’m here cheering you on and always will be x x x