My reflections as Road to Zest turns 1

Road to Zest turns 1 this weekend. 

So today I’d really like to thank you for joining me on my journey this year and for your support always.

A year ago as I published my first blog post I had no idea what to expect, but I remember thinking that if I could give just one person hope that he/she could recover the way I did, it would make it all worthwhile. 

So a year later it feels really amazing to have spoken to quite a few people who have started or are planning to start or considering starting DNRS after reading about my recovery.

And I thought it would be interesting to look back at the 10 most popular posts of the year both for my own curiosity and also for any of you who might also be curious or who might have only started following Road to Zest recently.

Before I leave you with the top 10 posts, I also want to ask for your help please :)

I feel I’m at a bit of a crossroad with the blog at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong – I still love blogging and raising awareness about mysterious chronic conditions similar to the ones I had and how they can be overcome through DNRS.

But at the moment Dermot and I are facing something which we’re both not quite ready to speak about publicly but which is the thing on my mind most of the time right now.

So I also wish to add another angle to this blog and after thinking about it quite a bit and also after speaking to my best friend Becky – a really talented photographer who recently launched an amazing blog – I decided what I want that new angle to be.

From now on, apart from my usual blog posts, I also wish to write stories of inspirational people who have passed through tough times and come out of them stronger or who face daily difficult situations in inspirational ways or who are just inspirational for one reason or another.

So if you are one of these people or if you know someone who is, please get in touch with me. 

I would love to hear about and share your/their story. (I could also share the story anonymously if you prefer).

I’d also love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for other things you wish me to write about – even if it’s just something you’re curious about.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you x x

And here are the 10 most popular posts of the year (May 2016 – May 2017):

1. Open letter to my husband as we approach our second anniversary
2. A letter to myself before I became chronically ill
3. Has a stranger's kindness ever changed your life?
4. Dermot's views on my journey and recovery
5. What caused the sudden (or not so sudden?) onset of my mysterious, chronic illness?
6. 15 things someone suffering from a mysterious, chronic illness wishes you to know
7. 10 tips for tough times
8. My parents' views on my journey and recovery
9. Housebound to Italy-bound in 5 months
10. Chronic illness to 13 mile race in 13 months

Thank you once again for your support always x x