Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor or a scientist so the information below is not meant to be a 100% accurate scientific description but is simply based on my personal experience with the dynamic neural retraining system (DNRS) programme and my understanding of it, as well as my experience with my illness and recovery.

Affiliate disclosure: I recommend DNRS because it transformed my life and I believe without a doubt that it can do the same for others suffering from mysterious, chronic illnesses. I have affiliate partnerships so I may receive commission from your purchase. This helps to offset some of the costs of running this website at no additional cost to you.

I am writing this because if you (or someone you know) suffers from a mysterious and/or chronic health condition, there's a good chance that – as I had – you have tried hard to be given an explanation about what is happening and what you can do about it. But chances are you have not been given many answers and have started to lose/have lost hope of ever being able to recover fully and live a normal life. You have instead learned to adapt to your condition to the best of your ability. 

But if your condition is one of the ones listed here, the DNRS programme could help you the way it helped me. I would really encourage you to keep an open mind as you read below and/or look at the DNRS website.

People who could benefit from DNRS
The dynamic neural retraining system (DNRS) method of healing is delivered through an in-person programme or instructional DVDs (I opted for the latter). DNRS is neuroplasticity-based therapy and is said to be a viable treatment option for chronic health conditions such as:
1.     Food sensitivities
2.    Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)
3.    Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) / Chronic
       fatigue syndrome (CFS)
4.    Fibromyalgia
5.    Chronic pain
6.    Anxiety
and many others.

The full list of conditions which may be treated by DNRS can be viewed here.

The rationale for DNRS
The basic rationale for DNRS is that these ailments are caused by limbic system impairment: the malfunctioning of a complex set of structures in the brain. The programme promises to give you the opportunity to retrain your brain, improve your health and get your life back. It definitely gave me my life back completely.

What's important to note, as it's what most people (including me) seem to be most sceptical about before starting the programme, is that:
1.    The symptoms of these conditions are very physical and very real.
2.    It is not possible to control the symptoms and the symptoms are not "all in the mind".
3.    But the brain can change (both for the better and for the worse). These conditions are said to come about through a brain injury, probably caused by the "perfect storm" of factors including physical (viral/bacterial/chemical etc), psychological or emotional traumas. But with the right knowledge and practice it’s possible to change the brain back to its original state and therefore recover. 
4.    A healthy brain is of course the most important foundation of good health, so healing the brain after such a brain injury is essential for full recovery and completely different from chasing symptoms.

My experience with the DNRS programme
Before starting the DNRS programme, I had developed numerous food sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), and had become almost completely housebound. I had become like a shadow of my former self and was able to do less and less of the things which I used to enjoy before. (Full details of my health journey available here).

In my research about MCS, most websites I came across seemed to suggest that the only answer is to avoid contact with the problematic chemicals completely, which of course makes functioning in society impossible, since the chemicals are used in all sorts of everyday items like laundry powder, soap etc.

So when I first came across the DNRS website and read its promises that you can recover completely, I really thought it was too good to be true, considered it a "gimmick" (the exact word I used to describe it) and did not even consider trying it initially. But through my research I eventually came across several people who recommended it and at one point felt that I had hit rock bottom so had nothing to lose and should give it a try. 

Still, as I started watching the DVDs, I was still very sceptical. In the past, some people had suggested that my symptoms were “all in my mind” while I knew that what I was experiencing was very real, so I was hesitant to try anything which focused so much on the brain. But once I understood the way the programme is said to work and started implementing the exercises, things started changing and improving very quickly. 

My level of recovery
In fact, since watching the DVDs in January 2016, my life has been transformed. I no longer react to chemicals or foods and I am energetic every day, can go wherever I want and can eat whatever I want. Within five months of starting DNRS I got to go to three weddings, went out to eat numerous times and even went to Italy! In Italy, I could eat anything I wanted, including ice cream, a slice of pizza and some bread - things I wouldn't even have dreamt of looking at prior to starting DNRS. 

I am up early every morning full of energy and full of plans for the day, whereas before I would crawl out of bed often as late as noon or 1pm with no energy to do anything. I am working full-time again, whereas before starting DNRS, there were some weeks when I couldn’t manage more than 6 hours of work and even those were a huge struggle. I have also started running regularly again, which before I would have thought was impossible. 

I am so much happier and able to look to the future positively again and plan things with my husband, family and friends. Every night I go to bed convinced that I will be able to get up in the morning and get things done, rather than wondering whether I will be able to get up at all. I can walk through life like I used to and that feels so amazing.
My hope for other sufferers
DNRS has given me my life back and I would really encourage anyone suffering from similar debilitating conditions to look into DNRS and give it a try. Not everyone improves as quickly as I did with the programme, but DNRS has a very high success rate among people who commit to their practice as recommended (1 hour of practice daily for 6 months). It's a big commitment but it can give you your life back, so I feel it's more than fully worthwhile!