10 tips for tough times

The past couple of months haven’t been the easiest as Dermot and I received some difficult news.

Nothing we won’t get through, but quite challenging just the same.

And while on the whole I feel I’ve been coping pretty well, as with all tough times, there are moments when a wave of sadness seems to come over me and sometimes that makes it hard for me to enjoy the things I usually do.

So there was actually a point this week when I thought I wouldn’t write a blog post this weekend because I just didn’t feel up to it.

But then I reminded myself why I started the blog in the first place, so I decided it would be a good time to put down some tips for getting through tough times.

I really hope my tips might help you even just a little bit if you’re going through a tough time also.

Obviously all situations are different, but these are the 10 things which are really helping me get through this.

1. Allow yourself time to process what’s going on and if necessary take the time to grieve. 
This is a really important step and will help you to eventually move on and actually become stronger following this tough time. Ignoring your feelings and not allowing yourself to process them tends to backfire.

2. When you feel ready and if this applies, do try to take the next step forward. 
There’s no right time to take the next step. But you’ll know when you’re ready and when you are, taking the next step can feel very empowering and can help you to cope better.

3. Get the support you need. 
Support is essential during tough times, whether it’s practical and/or emotional support from family and friends or professional support. Reaching out for support is in no way a sign of weakness but on the contrary, it takes strength to reach out and will only make you even stronger.

4. Find something/s that you enjoy doing and that can take your mind off things, even if just slightly.
This can be tough, but do try it when you can as it can be so helpful.

5. Look after yourself.
Try to rest enough and eat properly. And doing some gentle exercise - whether it’s walking or jogging or doing some yoga or any other form of exercise you enjoy - can help in many ways. 

6. Rest as much as you need but try to stick to your usual routine when you can.
While I really believe in the importance of rest, I also find that if I let go of my routine, it actually makes things harder. Obviously do what you can and what’s practical for you in your circumstances – but do keep in mind that if keeping to a normal routine is possible, it can help.

7. Try to avoid questioning why this happened to you.
We’re all human so it’s normal to ask “Why me?” or “Why us?” (or at least I hope it is). But the truth is that we’ll never know why, but while it’s not something which makes me happy, it helps to keep in mind that in reality everyone’s fighting their own battles. It’s not that I want others to be going through tough times too, but it does help me to keep things in perspective.

8. If possible, try to see the silver lining.
It really helps me when I try to see the positives of any situation, no matter how difficult it is to recognise them at first. 

9. Remind yourself of all the positive things that you do have in your life.
And similarly, apart from the positives of the situation itself, it also helps me to keep in mind all the amazing things I’m blessed with in my life, especially the love and support of those around me.

10. Know that you’re not alone.
This thought always helps me. And reaching out to people who are going through or went through similar times can help make what you’re going through a bit more manageable.

If you are going through a tough time as you read this, I really hope that things improve for you soon and I wish you all the very best x x x