A year ago I hoped to improve by 10%: here’s what happened instead

Exactly a year ago, I sat down to watch the DNRS DVDs for the first time. 

Although a little bit of my initial scepticism had faded when I read ‘Wired for Healing’, I still had huge doubts about the whole thing.

And yet I remember saying that if it at least helped me improve by 10%, it was worth giving it a try.

I had hit rock bottom.

I could only leave home wearing a mask to go for a daily walk in the countryside. 

Although for a while my closest family and friends used to come over (after having used my laundry powder and toiletries), we had just made the decision that this was wearing me out too much so apart from Dermot and my mother, I would only occasionally meet the others outside.

My energy levels were so low that I could barely function and I was having more and more debilitating reactions, such that most weeks I couldn’t manage more than about 6 – 10 hours of work. 

Although by this point I was already seeing progress in my food tolerance thanks to the allergist and dietitian who helped me so much, I could still only eat about 24 different foods and there were many foods I was sure I would never eat again in my life.

And yet funnily enough, I only thought DNRS might help me with my tolerance to chemicals.

In fact I found an email I sent to colleagues exactly 366 days ago telling them that I was starting a treatment programme the following day “which should hopefully help to increase my tolerance to chemicals (and hopefully allow me to go back to living a more “normal” life).”

Little did I know a year ago how many other things DNRS was going to help me with.

Little did I know that today I would be fully recovered and living a completely normal life again.

  • That I would be able to be with my loved ones again – meeting them at home and hugging them again.
  • That I would be able to eat in restaurants again and eventually eat anything I want again.
  • That I would get to go back out into the world: to shops, the theatre and anywhere I want and that I would get to go back to work.
  • That I would not only get to go but also that I would be the “last bridesmaid standing” at my best friend’s wedding.
  • That I would be able to travel again.
  • That I would be able to start running again and take part in races (and even win a couple of very unexpected trophies).
  • And so much more...

But the journey wasn’t without its bumps.

By the 4th and final day of watching the DNRS DVDs, this is what I wrote in a journal I was keeping to track my progress:

“I had to take a break between day 3 and 4 as I had a gastric bug.
[sidebar – looking back, I think this might have been an early sign of some of the ups and downs and obstacles that I would encounter during my retraining period. Obstacles which we all experience along the way but which we mustn’t allow to panic us but instead adjust in the best way possible.]
But I’m so happy that I’m better now and completing the DVDs and I’m really looking forward to my new routine.

I’m focusing on my goals the way I did when I had the stress fracture in my leg and treating my practice with the same commitment that I had towards my physiotherapy. Just like I knew my leg wouldn’t be weak forever, I also must stop thinking that this will be my life forever.

I really believe in this and hope that when (not if) I’m better, maybe I’d be able to become an ambassador or DNRS coach and help others to recover too.”

I had forgotten how early on I had started dreaming about that. And today I can’t believe that apart from giving me my life back, DNRS has also made this dream of being able to help others come true. I’m so excited that I’m now a fully trained DNRS coach and it feels so amazing to be able to help others as they recover and achieve their goals too.

A year ago I also wrote this in my journal: “So many people think it sounds too good to be true. I definitely did and had dismissed it completely at first.” 

A year on, how glad I am that I didn’t allow my initial scepticism to win.

How glad I am that one day I decided that I would just give it a try. 

So if you or anyone you know suffers from a mysterious, chronic illness, I’d really recommend that you look into DNRS. It changed my life and it can change yours too.