Vegan Herb Crackers

When I could only eat 8 fruits and vegetables, I realised that one thing I really missed was the CRUNCH of some foods. In fact, sometimes I used to roast my veg till it was crispy just to have a bit of a crunch. 

But as I introduced more foods, I always tried finding crunchy or crispy things I could make with my limited ingredients. So I was super excited when I discovered this recipe for crackers from Elana's Pantry with just 5 ingredients.


It didn't matter that I spent ages blanching almonds and making my own almond flour because I wasn't yet brave enough to use store-bought almond flour. The idea of having crackers I could eat was really exciting. (Since then I've made them with store-bought almond flour and they're actually really simple to make).

The first time I made them was for our New Year's Eve dinner. Being able to eat dips was amazing! (Those who know us well know that although it was the only year I was housebound, it wasn't the only year we spent New Year's Eve at home due to one of us being ill - the only advantage was that this time round we hadn't bought any tickets to a party so we didn't need to sell them :) ).

So if you want crackers but want to avoid gluten, grains and/or dairy, these crackers are a delicious option. And really simple to make too. Click here for the recipe.


Hope you enjoy them as much as we did on New Year's Eve (and many other occasions).