Chronic fatigue to 5km race finish in 6 months

Before starting neural retraining 6 months ago, I had pretty much accepted that my life would never be the same again. That I would always have limitations and restrictions.

Knowing how active I had always been, many people used to ask whether I was still managing to do any form of training. But the truth was that training was the last thing on my mind. I barely had the energy to crawl out of bed and onto the sofa most days so it had been months since I had done anything more than gentle walking. And so much was going on that training was far from being a priority.

Setting my goals 6 months ago
But watching the DNRS DVDs and seeing the sorts of things people were able to accomplish through the programme started to plant a seed of hope. So when it came to setting my goals, one of my aims was to gradually start running again and eventually start racing again.

But walking from the sofa to the kitchen used to feel like a marathon, so really I wondered whether taking part in a race would ever actually be possible again. That's why crossing the finish line of the #BkaraSJ 5km running race last Tuesday was a dream come true. I honestly still can’t believe that that happened!

Photo by Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club/Multisport

Photo by Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club/Multisport


And it made me think back to the Johanna who had set the goal 6 months ago. Seeing that others had achieved so much through DNRS, hoping it could be real but initially doubting it could actually happen to me. Or that I could get my life back completely. But I did!!

My 5 goals
I can still remember setting my goals. They seemed so far-fetched after having been housebound for so long and since I always got ill for days on end when exposed to the tiniest thing. But here are the 5 goals that I wrote down on the DNRS Personal Goals Worksheet:

1.    Be able to be with family & friends without worrying about having a reaction, be able to go to their homes again and be able to hug them again:  ✓ Done


2.    Go out in the world again: back to work, to shops, restaurants etc. Be able to be at weddings, especially be well enough to be Corinne’s bridesmaid: ✓ Done

Photos by Matthew Mirabelli Photography

Photos by Matthew Mirabelli Photography

3.    Be able to travel again: ✓ Done

4.    Start running again: Build up gradually and eventually start racing again: ✓ Done

Photo by Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club/Multisport

Photo by Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club/Multisport


5.    One more goal which I won’t write about here: Not yet done but it’s a long term goal which I couldn’t even think about when I was ill but which I can hope for now that I’m well :) 

Funnily enough as you can see, none of my goals were food-related as I didn’t think DNRS was going to help with my food sensitivities. But it sure has!


As I’ve said many times before, DNRS has given me my life back in more ways than I ever dreamt possible. This 5km race was just the cherry on the cake! So if you or anyone you know suffers from mysterious, chronic conditions similar to the ones I had (click here for the full list of conditions DNRS treats), please don’t make the mistake that I almost made. 

Please don’t imagine it’s too good to be true. Please don’t imagine it can help others but can’t help you. It can and it will. And you deserve to be able to live your life to the full. To be able to do all the things that you love. To let go of your limitations. And to stop suffering in silence.